We get to the cause of your pain.

The Woodland Hills Chiropractic and Medical Center is a fusion of both Chiropractic and Medical Doctors who are open-minded enough to realize that it is a mixture of Medical and Chiropractic philosophies that get patients better faster. That is our clinics stated goal, to get our patients better as fast as is possible using whatever best serves their needs. The clinic has the latest in healing technologies.

We offer Spinal Decompression -9000C, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Diapulse Electromagnetic Therapy (Used in conjunction for a host of illnesses ranging from migraines and inflammation to delayed wound healing), as well as traditional Chiropractic and Medical services.

The Clinic is also one of only two offices in all of Southern California to have on site a Digital Motion X-Ray Unit which allows us to see how your spine is moving in real time (like a video of your spine) to determine if there is any ligament damage which either MRI or CAT scans were unable to image properly. In several long term pain sufferers, it is this machine that made the difference in diagnosing the actual cause of their pain.

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What We Offer Our Patients

Woodland Hills Chiropractic and Medical Center offers many types of pain relieving treatments.

Relief From Chronic Low Back Pain

Relief From Chronic Low Back Pain

Thousands of patients that would have had to endure surgery have opted for Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors use the spinal adjustment as the main method of spinal correction. A spinal adjustment is a precise, manually delivered, gentle force into a stuck or misaligned joint.

Auto Injury Care

Auto Accident Care

Many people have a tendency to leave the accident scene thinking they do not need medical attention right away. Failing to seek immediate medical care after an auto accident can be costly and delay the recovery process.

3D Patient Education Center

3D Patient Education Center

View some of the most common back and neck problems you may be suffering from. This informative and easy to use animations can help you undertsand why you are in pain.

I had hurt my hip again. Couldnt even put a sock on. Dr.Monaco treated me. Felt better. More range of motion. They are certainly very nice and very effective.


Dr. Monaco did it again, I had hurt my knee .  I was not able to bend or go downstairs without pain.  I came in and Dr. Monaco took time to check out what was going on and did his magic... I am almost pain free..
Such a professional and knowledgeable staff. Thank you again....


I wanted to take a minute to encourage and recommend Dr. Monaco and Dr. Rodriquez.  They have been outstanding in assisting myself, friends and familly.


I have been a patient of Dr. Monaco for several months and he is so kind and knowledgeable and by far the best Chiropractor I have seen. He has been there for me from the beginning of my problems with Spinal Stenosis to recommending Decompression therapy at his office. Great staff and great healing environment.  I highly recommend Dr. Dan and company!

Michael H.


He is the best of the best, boy did he help me in my time of need. I was extremely impressed by his professionalism and knowledge. I would definitely recommend him to all the friends I have, hoping that they never need to be in enough pain to go and see him. The office was clean the staff was friendly Dr Monaco this one of a kind!

Mrs. P


Miracle workers! I have been a patIent of Dr.Monaco's for about 2 years now.His chiropractic skills and knowledge are  outstanding and up to date.I walk in in pain and leave  feeling relaxed and so much better.I would and do refer all my friends and family of all ages to come here for all your Chiropractic/Medical needs. Malisa @ the front desk is exceptional!

Bambi T.


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